The storage hardware is categorized according to the datastore tag category. You can edit the monthly cost per storage GB for the datastores based on their storage category (using tags) and storage type (NAS, SAN, Fiber Channel or Block).


To edit the cost based on storage category, you must create tags and apply them to the datastores on the vCenter Server user interface. For more information, see the VMware vSphere Documentation.


  1. Click Administration and in the left pane click Configuration > Cost Settings.
  2. In the Cost Drivers tab, click Storage.
  3. (Optional) Select a tag category.

    Assume that you have two tag categories (for example, Profile and Tiers) with three tags in each category, you can select either Profile or Tiers from Tag Category to categorize the datastores based on tags.



    Tag Category

    • Category displays the tag categories for datastores and also the tags associated with the category.


      If you have performed a fresh installation of vCenter Server 6.0, and not assigned tags to the datastores, cost drivers displays tag category for datastores as uncategorized.


    Displays the total number of datastores for a specific category or type. You can click the datastore value to see list of datastores and its details such as monthly cost, total GB for each datastore.

    Total Storage (GB)

    Displays the total storage for a specific category or type.

    Monthly Cost Per GB

    Displays the monthly cost per GB for a specific category or type. You can edit this value for defining the monthly cost per GB for datastores.

    Monthly Cost

    Displays the total monthly cost for a specific category or type.

  4. Click Save.