The capacity engine computes and publishes metrics that can be found in the Capacity Analytics Generated group. These metrics help you to plan your resource use based on consumer demand.

Capacity Analytics Generated Metrics Group

The capacity analytics generated metrics group contains containers and each container contains three output metrics namely, Capacity Remaining (MHz), Recommended Size (MHz), and Time Remaining (Day(s)). It also contains the Capacity Remaining Percentage (%) metric and the Time Remaining (Day(s)) metric which show the most constraint values of the containers.

For the capacity metrics group, full metric names include the name of the resource container. For example, if recommended size metrics are computed for CPU or memory, the actual metric names appear as cpu|demand|recommendedSize or mem|demand|recommendedSize.

Table 1. Capacity Metrics Group

Metric Key

Metric Name



Capacity Remaining Percentage (%)

The usable capacity is expressed in percentage at an object level. It is based on the most constrained resource group.


Recommended Size (MHz)

The recommended level of usable capacity (total capacity - HA) to maintain a green state for time remaining for the containers within the group.


Time Remaining (Day(s))

The number of days remaining is calculated for both group and container. It calculates the time remaining before the resources run out.


Capacity Remaining (MHz)

The usable capacity available for use is expressed.


Recommended Total Capacity (MHz)

The recommended level of total capacity to maintain a green state for time remaining for the containers within the group.