To resolve a generated alert for the accounting department's virtual machines, you provide recommendations so that you or other engineers have the information you need to resolve the alert before your users encounter performance problems.

As part of the alert definition, you add recommendations that include actions that you run from vRealize Operations Manager and instructions for making changes in vCenter Server that resolve the generated alert.


Add symptoms to your alert definition. See Add a Host Memory Usage Symptom to the Alert Definition.


  1. In the Alert Definition Workspace window, after you configure the Name and Description, Base Object Type, Alert Impact, and Add Symptom Definitions, click Add Recommendations and add the recommended actions and instructions.
  2. Click Add and select an action recommendation to resolve the virtual machine alerts.
    1. In the New Recommendation text box, enter a description of the action similar to Add CPUs to virtual machines.
    2. From the Actions drop-down menu, select Set CPU Count for VM.
    3. Click Save.
  3. Click Add and provide an instructive recommendation to resolve host memory problems similar to this example.

    If this host is part of a DRS cluster, check the DRS settings to verify that the load balancing setting are configured correctly. If necessary, manually vMotion the virtual machines.

  4. Click Add and provide an instructive recommendation to resolve host memory alerts.
    1. Enter a description of the recommendation similar to this example.

      If this is a standalone host, add more memory to the host.

    2. To make the URL a hyperlink in the instructions, copy the URL, for example,, to your clipboard.
    3. Highlight the text in the text box and click Create a hyperlink.
    4. Paste the URL in the Create a hyperlink text box and click OK.
    5. Click Save.
  5. In the Alert Definition Workspace, drag Add CPUs to virtual machines, If this host is part of a DRS cluster, and the If this is a standalone host recommendations from the list to the recommendation workspace in the order presented.
  6. Click Save.


You provided the recommended actions and instructions to resolve the alert when it is generated. One of the recommendations resolves the virtual machine CPU usage problem and the other resolves the host memory problem.

What to do next

Create a group of objects to use to manage your accounting objects. See Create a Custom Accounting Department Group.