You can now edit the cluster cost calculation method based on your business requirement. Earlier the cost computation was based on the actual utilization of resources. Now you can calculate the cluster utilization cost using any one of the following methods:

  • Actual Utilization

  • Expected Utilization across all clusters

  • Expected Utilization per cluster


  1. In the menu, Click Administration and then in the left pane click Configuration > Cost Settings.
  2. In the Cluster Cost tab, click CHANGE.

    The Cluster Cost Calculation Methods dialog box is displayed.

  3. Select any one of the Cluster Cost Calculation methods.



    Actual Utilization

    By default, the cluster cost calculation is based on the actual utilization of CPU and memory.

    Expected Utilization across all clusters

    You can set the fixed utilization percentages for expected CPU and memory utilization. If you select this option, the value you enter is applied across all the server clusters.

    Expected Utilization per cluster

    You can set the expected CPU and memory utilization percentages for each cluster by entering the value in the Expected CPU Utilization % and Expected Memory Utilization % text boxes.

  4. Click SAVE.