The Capacity tab provides Time Remaining data for the selected object. The information is presented in tabular and graphical format.

Where You Find the Capacity Tab

  • In the menu, click Environment, then select a group, custom data center, application, or inventory object. The Object details screen appears. Click the Capacity tab.

  • In the menu, select Alerts to display the All Alerts screen. Click an alert to show the alert details on the right, then click View Additional Metrics to see more information about the alert and the object that triggered the alert. Click the Capacity tab.

Understanding the Capacity Tab

For the selected object, the Capacity tab lists Time Remaining until the associated CPU, memory, and disk space resources, respectively, run out.

The available graph depicts - for your choice of CPU, memory, or disk space - the current percentage of resource use, plotted against time. A line on the graph shows 100 percent usable capacity and a trend line projects how swiftly resource use is approaching 100 percent. The time line shows when the specified resource is to reach capacity.

The Capacity tab is a subset of the Capacity optimization capability. For additional details, refer to Capacity Overview.