With the vRealize Operations Manager heat map feature, you can locate trouble areas based on the metric values for objects in your virtual infrastructure. vRealize Operations Manager uses analytics algorithms that you can use to compare the performance of objects across the virtual infrastructure using heat maps.

How Heat Maps Work

You can use predefined heat maps or create your own custom heat maps to compare the metric values of objects in your virtual environment. vRealize Operations Manager has predefined heat maps on the Details tab that you can use to compare commonly used metrics.

Where You Find Heat Maps

  • In the menu, click Environment, then select a group, custom data center, application, or inventory object. Click the Details tab, then select the Heat Maps button.

  • Alternatively, click Environment, then use the hierarchies in the left pane to locate quickly the object you want.

The Heat Maps tab is divided into two panels and the heat map appears between the panels. In the top panel you can create, edit, delete, or clone heat maps. The heap map display depends on the object you select from the environment and the heat map you select.

Table 1. Heat Map List Table Columns




Name of the heat map.

Group By

First-level grouping of the objects in the heat map.

Color By

Determines the color of the rectangle for each object.

Size By

An attribute to set the size of the rectangle for each object.

Object Type

Type of object.

The bottom panel updates, depending on what you select on the top panel. In the bottom panel of the Heat Map tab, you can see the data of the object, calculated by a selected view from the top panel. For example, if the selected object is a host, the result is a list of all the objects on that host.

The Heat Map Display

A heat map displays rectangles of different sizes and colors, and each rectangle represents an object in your virtual environment. The color of the rectangle represents the value of one metric, and the size of the rectangle represents the value of another metric.

vRealize Operations Manager updates the heat maps automatically as new values are collected for each object and metric. The colored bar below the heat map is the legend. The legend identifies the values that the endpoints represent and the midpoint of the color range.

Click a link in the pop-up window for an object to see more details.