The dashboards in the Capacity and Utilization category cater to the teams responsible for tracking the utilization of the provisioned capacity in their virtual infrastructure. The dashboards within this category allow you to take capacity procurement decisions, reduce wastage through reclamation, and track usage trends to avoid performance problems due to capacity shortfalls.

Key questions these dashboards help you answer are as follows:

  • How much capacity exists, how much is used, and the usage trends for a specific vCenter, data center, or cluster?

  • How much disk, vCPU, or memory you can reclaim from large VMs in your environment to reduce wastage and improve performance?

  • Which clusters have the highest resource demands?

  • Which hosts are being heavily utilized and why?

  • Which datastores are running out of disk space and who are the top consumers?

  • The storage capacity and utilization of your vSAN environment with the savings achieved by enabling deduplication and compression.