vRealize Operations Manager collects data for all objects in your environment. You can compare the status of an object with the status of all related objects to determine the possible cause for a problem in your environment.

How the Environment Objects Tab Works

When you select an object in your inventory, vRealize Operations Manager highlights badges for the object and all its related objects. Point to a badge to display current key conditions for an object.

Where You Find the Environment Objects Tab

  • In the menu, click Environment, then click a group, custom data center, application, or inventory object to display the Object Summary screen. Click the Environment tab.

  • Alternatively, click Environment, then use the hierarchies in the left pane to click down to the object you want. Click the object to display the Object Summary screen, then click the Environment tab.

Table 1. Environment Objects Overview Options




Displays the selected badge with the color appropriate to the state of the badge.


All statuses appear by default. Select a status to toggle off the display of badges.

Power State Options

Toggle on to display badges for objects in the On, Off, Standby, or Unknown power states. Selections are additive. For example, you can display objects in both the on and off states. Actions depend on the power state of the object. Use the display to help determine why an action for an object might not be available. See List of vRealize Operations Manager Actions.


Changes the order in which the objects are listed. Alphabetical sort is by object name.