You can install the End Point Operations Management agent on an AIX platform.


  1. Install IBM Java 7.

  2. Add the latest JCE from the IBM JRE security directory: JAVA_INSTALLATION_DIR/jre/lib/security. For more information, see Downloading and installing the unrestricted JCE policy files


  1. When you configure the PATH variable, add /usr/java7_64/jre/bin:/usr/java7_64/bin or PATH=/usr/java7_64/jre/bin:/usr/java7_64/bin:$PATH.
  2. Configure HQ_JAVA_HOME=path_to_current_java_directory.
  3. Download the noJre version of the End Point Operations Management agent and install the agent on an AIX machine.
  4. For agent installation information, see Install the Agent on a Linux Platform from an Archive