You can install an End Point Operations Management agent on a Linux platform from a tar.gz archive.

By default, during installation, the setup process prompts you to provide configuration values. You can automate this process by specifying the values in the agent properties file. If the installer detects values in the properties file, it applies those values. Subsequent deployments also use the values specified in the agent properties file.


  • Verify that you have sufficient privileges to deploy an End Point Operations Management agent. You must have vRealize Operations Manager user credentials that include a role that allows you to install End Point Operations Management agents. See Roles and Privileges in vRealize Operations Manager.

  • If you plan to run ICMP checks, you must install the End Point Operations Management agent with root privileges.

  • Verify that the installation directory for the End Point Operations Management agent does not contain a vRealize Hyperic agent installation.

  • Verify that you use only ASCII characters when specifying the agent installation path. If you want to use non-ASCII characters, you must set the encoding of the Linux machine and SSH client application to UTF-8.


  1. Download and extract the End Point Operations Management agent installation tar.gz file that is appropriate for your Linux operating system.

    Operating System

    tar.gz Bundle to Download

    64bit Operating System


    32bit Operating System


    No Arch


  2. Run cd agent name/bin to open the bin directory for the agent.
  3. Run start.

    The first time that you install the agent, the command launches the setup process, unless you already specified all the required configuration values in the agent properties file.

  4. (Optional) Run status to view the current status of the agent, including the IP address and port.

What to do next

Register the client certificate for the agent. See Regenerate an Agent Client Certificate.