The Metric Picker widget displays a list of available metrics for a selected object.

How the Metric Picker Widget Works

With the Metric Picker widget, you can check the list of the object's metrics. To select an object to pick its metrics, you use another widget as a source of data, for example, Topology Graph widget. To set a source widget that is on the same dashboard, you use the Widget Interactions menu when you edit a dashboard. To set a source widget that is on another dashboard, use the Dashboard Navigation menu when you edit a dashboard that contains the source widget.

You edit a Metric Picker widget after you add it to a dashboard. The changes you make to the options create a custom chart to meet the needs of the dashboard users.

Where You Find the Metric Picker Widget

The widget might be on any of your custom dashboards. On the menu, click Dashboards to display a list of dashboards in the left pane.

Metric Picker Widget Toolbar

The toolbar at the top of the Metric Picker widget contains icons that you can use to change the view of the graphs.



Show common metrics

Filter based on common metrics.

Show collecting metrics

Filter based on collecting metrics.

Metrics or Properties

Filter based on metrics or property metrics.

Time Range

Filter based on selected time range.

Metric Picker Widget Configuration Options

To configure a widget, click the Edit icon on the widget title bar.

Table 1. Metric Picker Widget Configuration Options




Enter a custom title that identifies this widget from other instances that are based on the same widget template.

Refresh Content

Enable or disable the automatic refreshing of the data in this widget.

If not enabled, the widget is updated only when the dashboard is opened or when you click the Refresh button on the widget in the dashboard.

Refresh Interval

If you enable the Refresh Content option, specify how often to refresh the data in this widget .