You can edit the total operating system licensing cost and VMware license cost of your cloud environment. You can edit the license cost by either selecting the ELA charging policy or selecting the per socket value.


  1. Click Administration and in the left pane click Configuration > Cost Drivers.
  2. In the Cost Drivers tab, click License.

    The Cost drivers display all the licenses in your cloud environment.




    Displays the category of the operating system. If the operating system is not Windows or Linux, cost drivers categorize the operating system under Other Operating Systems.


    Displays the number of virtual machines that are running on the specific operating system.


    Displays the number of sockets on which the specific operating system is running.

    Charged by

    Displays whether a cost is charged by socket or ELA.

    Total Cost

    Displays the total cost of the specific operating system.

  3. Click Save.


According to your inputs, vRealize Operations Manager calculates and displays the total cost and updates the Charged by column with the option that you have selected.