You can view, add, edit, or delete the cost of each server group, based on their configuration and the purchase date of a batch server running in your cloud environment. After you update the server hardware cost, cost drivers updates the total monthly cost and average monthly cost for each server group. You can also see the details about the list of storage arrays that the EMC SRM identifies in the server.


  1. Click Administration and in the left pane click Configuration > Cost Settings.
  2. In the Cost Drivers tab, click Server Hardware.
  3. Click any server from the list of Server Group Description.

    The cost drivers groups all server hardware from all data centers in your inventory based on their hardware configuration.



    Server Group Description

    Displays the name of the server in your inventory.

    Number of Servers

    Displays the total number of servers of any particular hardware configuration in your inventory.

    Monthly Cost

    Displays the average monthly cost for server. This value is calculated as a weighted average of prices of purchased and leased batches.

  4. After selecting a server group, you can manually enter the required fields.
    1. Click Split Batch to enter your purchase date, cost, and type. Click split batch to enter multiple batch details of the purchase or lease of server hardware.
    2. Enter the Number of Servers and select the Purchase Type.
    3. Click Save.