You can create a single properties file that contains property values that multiple agents use.

To enable multiple agent deployment, you create an file that defines the agent properties required for the agent to start up and connect with the vRealize Operations Manager server. If you supply the necessary information in the properties file, each agent locates its setup configuration at startup, rather than prompting you for the location. You can copy the agent properties file to the agent installation directory, or to a location available to the installed agent.


Verify that the prerequisites in Install Multiple End Point Operations Management Agents Simultaneously are satisfied.


  1. Create an file in a directory.

    You will copy this file later to other machines.

  2. Configure the properties as required.

    The minimum configuration is the IP address, user name, password, thumb print, and port of the vRealize Operations Manager installation server.

  3. Save your configurations.


The first time that the agents are started, they read the file to identify the server connection information. The agents connect to the server and register themselves.

What to do next

Perform remote agent installations. See Deploy and Start Multiple Agents One-By-One or Deploy and Start Multiple Agents Simultaneously.