A report is a scheduled snapshot of views and dashboards. It presents data in downloadable formats.

In the menu, click Dashboards, and then in the left pane select Reports > Generated Reports to access the Generated Reports tab.

The list contains all generated reports. You can order them by the date and time they were created, report name, owner, or status. If the report is generated through a schedule, the owner is the user who created the schedule.


The maximum number of reports per template is 10. After the tenth report is generated, vRealize Operations Manager deletes the oldest report.

You can filter the reports list by adding a filter from the upper-right corner of the panel.

Table 1. Predefined Filter Groups

Filter Group


Report Name

Filter by the report template name. For example, type my template to list all reports that contain the my template phrase in their name.


Filter by the report template. You can select a template from a list of templates applicable for this object.

Completion Date/Time

Filter by the date, time, or time range.


Filter by another object. If the report contains more than one view applicable for another type of object, you can filter by that second object.


Filter by the status of the report.

You can download a report in a PDF or CSV format. You define the format that a report is generated in the report template.

If you log in to vRealize Operations Manager with vCenter Server credentials and generate a report, the generated report is always blank.