You can map your virtual machines to an operating system to provide additional information to assist you to determine the root cause of why an alert was triggered for a virtual machine.

vRealize Operations Manager monitors your ESXi hosts and the virtual machines located on them. When you deploy an End Point Operations Management agent, it discovers the virtual machines and the objects that are running on them. By correlating the virtual machines discovered by the End Point Operations Management agent with the operating systems monitored by vRealize Operations Manager you have more details to determine the exact cause of an alert being triggered.

Verify that you have the vCenter Adapter configured with the vCenter Server that manages the virtual machines. You also need to ensure that you have VMware Tools that are compatible with the vCenter Server installed on each of the virtual machines.

User Scenario

vRealize Operations Manager is running but you have not yet deployed the End Point Operations Management agent in your environment. You configured vRealize Operations Manager to send you alerts when CPU problems occur. You see an alert on your dashboard because insufficient CPU capacity is available on one of your virtual machines that is running a Linux operating system. You deploy another two virtual CPUs but the alert remains. You struggle to determine what is causing the problem.

In the same situation, if you deployed the End Point Operations Management agent, you can see the objects on your virtual machines, and determine that an application-type object is using all available CPU capacity. When you add more CPU capacity, it also uses that. You disable the object and your CPU availability is no longer a problem.