You can monitor application services supported by VMware Application Proxy in Wavefront. You can also manage the life cycle of agents and application services on virtual machines.

For example, as an administrator, you might need to ensure that the infrastructure provided for running the application services is sufficient and that there are no problems. If you receive a complaint that a particular application service is not working properly or is slow, you can troubleshoot by looking at the infrastructure on which the application is deployed. You can view important metrics related to the applications and share the information with the team managing the applications. You can use vRealize Operations Manager to deploy the agents and send the related application data to Wavefront. You can view the data in the relevant Wavefront dashboard and share it with the team so that they can troubleshoot the application service.

To monitor your application services and collect metrics for applications services supported by VMware Application Proxy, follow these steps in vRealize Operations Manager:

  1. Provide configuration details to activate your Wavefront account. If you do not have a Wavefront account, you can create a free 30-day trial Wavefront account.

    For more information, see Configure a Wavefront Account.

  2. Download the VMware Application Proxy by clicking Download in the Manage VMware Application Proxy panel.

    For information about deploying VMware Application Proxy, see Deploy VMware Application Proxy.

  3. Configure an application proxy.

    For information about configuring VMware Application Proxy, see Manage VMware Application Proxy and Add and Configure an Application Proxy.

  4. Install agents on selected VMs and discover and manage application services.

    For more information, see Manage Agents in Virtual Machines.

  5. Monitor the metrics in Wavefront.

    For more information, see Monitor Metrics in Wavefront and the Wavefront documentation.