After you log in to vRealize Operations Manager from a web browser, you see the Quick Start page. The Quick Start page provides an overview of key areas of vRealize Operations Manager. You can set any dashboard to be the landing page instead of the Quick Start page. Click the Actions menu on a dashboard that you want to set as the default Quick Start page and select Set as Home Page. You cannot modify the default Quick Start page.

Upon first log-in, you must set the currency in the Global Settings page. You can do so from the message that you see in the Quick Start page when you log in for the first time. Optionally, you can close the message. Once you set a currency, you cannot change it.

vRealize Operations Manager 7.0 is a major version and upgrading to a major version of this product requires new license keys. Until you install a new valid license key, the product will work in the evaluation mode. You can obtain the new license key from the MyVMware portal. After log- in, if you see the "You are using an evaluation license. Please consider applying a new license by the end of the evaluation period." message in the Quick Start page, you must add a new license before the end of the 60-day evaluation period in the Licensing page. To add a new license, from the message, click Actions > Go to Licensing.

The default Quick Start page has the following sections.

Optimize Performance

Displays links to workload optimization, recommendations, and optimization history.

Optimize Capacity

Displays links to asset capacity, reclaim resources, plan scenarios and assess Costs.


Displays links to alerts, logs troubleshooting of objects by type. The Apps in Wavefront link opens the configured URL if you have already configured Wavefront. If Wavefront is not configured, the Application Monitoring with Wavefront page opens.

Manage Configuration

Displays links to the compliance page and helps you troubleshoot compliance by object type. Links to the dashboard that displays the configuration of your virtual machines.

Click View More to access the following sections:

Extend Monitoring

Displays links to apps in the VMware Solutions Exchange website.

Learn and Evaluate

Displays links to the vRealize Operations Guided Tour, Evaluate vRealize Suite and to open the vRealize Operations Manager micro-site.

Run Assessments

Displays links to dashboards that help you assess vSphere Optimization and Hybrid Cloud.