vRealize Operations Manager provides outbound plug-ins. This list includes the name of the plug-in and whether you can filter the outbound data based on your notification settings.

If the plug-in supports configuring notification rules, then you can filter the messages before they are sent to the target system. If the plug-in does not support notifications, all messages are sent to the target system, and you can process them in that application.

If you installed other solutions that include other plug-in options, they appear as a plug-in option with the other plug-ins.

Messages and alerts are sent only when the plug-in is enabled.

Table 1. Notification Support for Outbound Plug-Ins
Outbound Plugin Configure Notification Rules
Automated Action Plug-in No

The Automated Action plug-in is enabled by default. If automated actions stop working, select the Automated Action plug-in and enable it if necessary. If you edit the Automated Action plug-in, you only have to provide the instance name.

Log File Plugin Yes

To filter the log file alerts, you can either configure the file named TextFilter.xml or configure the notification rules.

Smarts SAM Notification Plugin No
REST Notification Plugin Yes
Network Share Plugin No
Standard Email Plugin Yes
SNMP Trap Plugin Yes
Slack Plugin Yes
Service-Now Notification Plugin Yes