The alert definition process includes adding symptoms that trigger an alert and recommendations that help you resolve the alert. The alert definitions you create with this process are saved to your vRealize Operations Manager Alert Definition Overview list and actively evaluated in your environment based on your configured policies.

How the Alert Definition Workspace Works

You use the workspace to build alert definitions as you create the definition, the name, description, base object, and the alert impact. You can create or reuse existing symptoms and recommendations as part of the alert definition. If you create symptoms and recommendations, you add them to the definition, and they are added to the symptom and recommendations content libraries for future use. You also enable policies and select notifications for the alerts.

Where You Create an Alert Definition

To create or edit your alert definitions, in the menu, click Alerts and then in the left pane, click Configuration > Alert Definitions. Click Add to add a definition, or click the vertical ellipsis and select Edit to edit the selected definition.

Alert Definition Workspace Options

An alert definition is identified by a name and description. The definition comprises a target object type that is monitored for the alert, the badge that the alert affects, the set symptoms that trigger the alert, the recommendations that might resolve the alert, the policies that are enabled for an alert and the notification setting for which you want to receive the alert.