You can enable continuous availability (CA) for vRealize Operations Manager to protect your data if there is one or more node failures.

Note: If the cluster is running, enabling CA restarts the cluster.

You can enable CA in the vRealize Operations Manager cluster at the installation time or after vRealize Operations Manager is up and running. Adding CA at installation is less intrusive because the cluster has not yet started.


  • Create nodes by deploying the vRealize Operations Manager vApp.
  • Create and configure the primary node.
  • Create and configure the witness node.
    Note: While deploying an OVA file, you can select the recommended CPU/RAM configuration for the witness node.
  • Create and configure one data node with a static IP address.
  • Note the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) or IP address of the primary node.


  1. In a Web browser, navigate to the master node administration interface.
  2. Enter the vRealize Operations Manager administrator user name of admin.
  3. Enter the vRealize Operations Manager administrator password and click Log In.
  4. Under Continuous Availability, click Enable CA.
    The Continuous Availability wizard opens. The Witness node exists outside the fault domains. The primary node is already assigned to Fault Domain 1.
  5. To create a pair with the primary node, drag the data nodes to Fault Domain 2.
    Note: You can add a maximum of 16 data nodes including the primary node and divide them between the fault domains to create eight pairs. You can also add remote collector nodes outside the fault domains as required.
  6. Click Ok.