vRealize Automation 7.x extends operational management capabilities of the vRealize Operations Manager platform to provide tenant-aware operational visibility of the cloud infrastructure.

vRealize Automation 7.x enables you as a cloud provider to monitor the health and capacity risk of your cloud infrastructure in the context of the tenant's business groups.

You can use vRealize Automation 7.x to perform some of the following key tasks:

  • To gain visibility into the performance and health of the tenant’s business groups that the underlying cloud infrastructure supports.
  • To minimize the time taken to troubleshoot, if there is a tenant workload or an underlying infrastructure problem. vRealize Automation 7.x provides visibility into the impact to performance, health, and capacity risk of the business groups because of an operational problem in the underlying cloud infrastructure layer.
  • To manage the placements of VMs that are part of the clusters managed by vRealize Automation.
  • To view capacity for tenants, business groups, and reservations. From the menu, select Administration and then in the left pane, select Inventory. Select the Objects tab in the right pane. By default, the usage capacity model is enabled for these objects. You can enable the allocation model from the policy settings.