In large-scale environments, multiple simultaneous API calls might cause performance problems in vRealize Automation. When an adapter sends multiple parallel requests to WAPI in particular, it severely impacts the database. Configuration properties are used to configure the settings with appropriate values.

Table 1. Configuration Properties
Property Name Description Default Value
wapiCollectionMaxSeconds The upper limit for the amount of time that the adapter needs to try and retrieve the data from API calls. This property must be increased in large-scale environments, in addition to increasing the adapter's collection time interval. 60 (1 minute)
wapiThreadCount The number of threads that are querying WAPI at a time.

This property might be increased or decreased based on speed or performance requirements.

querySuiteAPIPageSize The number of the items to fetch in a suite API call. 100
queryVraAPIPageSize The number of the items to fetch in a single CAFE query. 100
Note: It is recommended that you keep the maximum value as 100.

Refer to the sizing guidelines for large-scale environment guidelines: Sizing Guidelines