vRealize Automation 7.x collects metrics for objects such as, deployment, blueprint, reservation, business group, tenant, user, vRealize Automation World, and the vRealize Automation Management Pack Instance.

Managed Resources Object as a Filter in vRealize Automation

vRealize Automation 7.x uses filters to display the VMware vCenter adapter objects that are managed by or have some association with vRealize Automation. Some of the dashboards have widgets that are configured to display only VMware vCenter adapter objects that vRealize Automation manages or is associated with. vRealize Automation uses an object called Managed Resources as a filter to display only those objects. All of these resources are placed under the Managed Resources object of type vRealize Automation Entity Status. The absence of this filter causes all VMware vCenter adapter objects to be displayed in the widgets. If you delete the Managed Resources object, the adapter re-creates the object, but the dashboards display incorrect information in the widgets that use this filter. If you delete the Managed Resources object, you must manually configure the widgets in the dashboard and select the Managed Resources object as a filter in each section that displays the VMware vCenter adapter objects.