You use the template command to import, export, share, unshare, delete, and reorder templates.

The template command uses the following syntax.
template -h | import|export|share|unshare|delete|reorder [parameters]
Table 1. template Command Operations
Command Name Description Syntax
template import Import a template from a file.
template import -h | input-file 
                     [--force] [--share all|group-name[{,group-name}]] 
                     [--retry maxRetryMinutes] [--set rank] [--create]
template export Export an existing template to a template file.
template export -h | template-name [output-dir]
template share Share an existing template with one or multiple user groups.
template share -h | template-name all|group-name[{,group-name}]
template unshare Stop sharing a template with specified groups.
template unshare -h | template-name all|group-name[{,group-name}]
template delete Permanently delete a template.
template delete -h | template-name
template reorder Set the order rank for a template. The order rank controls the order of templates created based on shared templates.
template reorder -h | template-name [--set rank]