You use the file command to import, export, list, or delete database files. The command operates on metric, text widget, and topology widget files.

The file command uses the following syntax.
file -h | import|export|delete|list [parameters]
Table 1. file Command Operations
Command Name Description Syntax
file import Import a metric or widget from a file.
file import -h | reskndmetric|textwidget|topowidget
                 input-file [--title title] [--force]
file export Export one or more metrics or text widgets, or export the topology widget to a file.
file export -h | reskndmetric|textwidget|topowidget
                 all|title[{,title}] [output-dir]
file delete Permanently delete a metric or a widget.
file delete -h | reskndmetric|textwidget|topowidget
file list List all metric or a widget files.
file list -h | reskndmetric|textwidget|topowidget