The additional cost lets you add any additional or extra expense that is not covered by other expenses categorized by vRealize Operations Manager . No reference value is present for this expense.


  1. Click Administration and in the left pane click Configuration > Cost Settings.
  2. In the Cost Driver tab, click Additonal Costs.
  3. Enter or select the cost type for the expenses.
    Note: Additional cost driver allows you to assign costs at Host, vCenter, VM, cluster, or data center level. For example, if you want to keep a cluster protected using the disaster recovery services, which involves an additional cost of $5000, you can do that by editing the additional cost driver.
  4. Select the Entity Type and Entity Selection.
    The Entity Count gets updated.
  5. Enter the Monthly Cost per entity .
    The Total Cost per month gets computed automatically.
  6. Click Save.
    Note: After you update the Additional Cost configuration, you must reload the page manually to view the updated values.