You must upgrade an existing installation of vRealize Application Remote Collector to ensure enhanced compatibility with vRealize Operations Manager. You must log in to your existing vRealize Application Remote Collector VAMI portal to perform the upgrade.


You must have the root credentials to log in to the VAMI portal before you perform the upgrade.


  1. Log in to VAMI using root credentials. The URL to log in to VAMI is:
  2. Click the Update tab.
  3. Click the Status tab, click Actions > Check Updates.
  4. Click Install Updates.
  5. After the updates have installed, click Reboot in the System tab.


vRealize Application Remote Collector is successfully upgraded. You can check the version number in Update tab under Status in VAMI.

What to do next

  • Update the endpoint agents to discover new services. For more information, see Additional Operations from the Manage Agents Tab.
  • To access the virtual machine appliance through ssh, start the sshd service.
  • Perform the post-installation tasks.