The End Point Operations Management agent configuration dialog box appears in the shell when you start an agent that does not have configuration values that specify the location of the vRealize Operations Manager server. The dialog box prompts you to provide the address and port of the vRealize Operations Manager server, and other connection-related data.

The agent configuration dialog box appears in these cases:

  • The first time that you start an agent, if you did not supply one or more of the relevant properties in the file.
  • When you start an agent for which saved server connection data is corrupt or was removed.

You can also run the agent launcher to rerun the configuration dialog box.


Verify that the server is running.


  1. Open a terminal window on the platform on which the agent is installed.
  2. Navigate to the AgentHome/bin directory.
  3. Run the agent launcher using the start or setup option.
    Platform Command
    UNIX-like start
    Windows Install the Windows service for the agent, then run the it: ep-agent.bat install ep-agent.bat start command.

    When you configure an End Point Operations Management agent as a Windows service, make sure that the credentials that you specify are sufficient for the service to connect to the monitored technology. For example, if you have anEnd Point Operations Management agent that is running on Microsoft SQL Server, and only a specific user can log in to that server, the Windows service login must also be for that specific user.

  4. Respond to the prompts, noting the following as you move through the process.
    Prompt Description
    Enter the server hostname or IP address If the server is on the same machine as the agent, you can enter localhost. If a firewall is blocking traffic from the agent to the server, specify the address of the firewall.
    Enter the server SSL port Specify the SSL port on the vRealize Operations Manager server to which the agent must connect. The default port is 443.
    The server has presented an untrusted certificate If this warning appears, but your server is signed by a trusted certificate or you have updated the thumbprint property to contain the thumbprint, this agent might be subject to a man-in-the-middle attack. Review the displayed certificate thumbprint details carefully.
    Enter your server username Enter the name of a vRealize Operations Manager user with agentManager permissions.
    Enter your server password Enter the password for the specified vRealize Operations Manager. Do not store the password in the file.


The agent initiates a connection to the vRealize Operations Manager server and the server verifies that the agent is authenticated to communicate with it.

The server generates a client certificate that includes the agent token. The message The agent has been successfully registered appears. The agent starts discovering the platform and supported products running on it.