When users need to add a node to the vRealize Operations Manager cluster, you can generate a temporary passphrase instead of giving them the primary administrator login credentials, which might be a security issue.

A temporary passphrase is good for one use only.


Create and configure the primary node.


  1. In a Web browser, navigate to the vRealize Operations Manager administration interface at https://master-node-name-or-ip-address/admin.
  2. Log in with the admin user name and password for the master node.
  3. In the list of cluster nodes, select the master node.
  4. From the toolbar above the list, click the option to generate a passphrase.
  5. Enter a number of hours before the passphrase expires.
  6. Click Generate.
    A random alphanumeric string appears, which you can send to a user who needs to add a node.

What to do next

Have the user supply the passphrase when adding a node.