The VMware vSphere solution is installed with vRealize Operations Manager and includes the vCenter adapter. vRealize Operations Manager uses the vCenter adapter to collect properties for objects in the vCenter Server system.

vCenter Server components are listed in the describe.xml file for the vCenter adapter. The following example shows the runtime property memoryCap or Memory Capacity for the virtual machine in the describe.xml.

<ResourceGroup instanced="false" key="runtime" nameKey="5300" validation="">
   <ResourceAttribute key="memoryCap" nameKey="1780" dashboardOrder="200" dataType="float"  
                      defaultMonitored="true" isDiscrete="false" isRate="false" maxVal="" 
                      minVal="" isProperty="true" unit="kb"/>

The ResourceAttribute element includes the name of the property that appears in the UI and is documented as a Property Key. isProperty = "true" indicates that ResourceAttribute is a property.