The Showback dashboard helps you navigate between multiple groups that you might want to perform showback for. Select an object to view total costs of the group and potential savings within the group.

Customizations Available for Your Use

The definition of a group is based on several constructs such as the vCenter folder, the vRealize Automation 7 business group, and the vRealize Automation 8 project among others. To change this to your definition, edit the widget and select the desired object types under Output Filter > Basic > Object Types.

Widget Information

  • The Top Expensive and Top Savings widgets point out the most costly VMs and the VMs with the most savings opportunities within the group.
  • A detailed list of the members helps you perform a deeper analysis. You can also export the details into a CSV for offline analysis.
  • When you select a particular VM in the list, you can analyze the cost trends for the VM, and as a result, find out the root cause for VM cost variations.