When vRealize Operations Manager is integrated with vRealize Log Insight, you can view the logs for a selected object from the Logs tab. You can troubleshoot a problem in your environment by correlating the information in the logs with the metrics. You can then most likely determine the root cause of the problem.

How the Logs Tab Works

By default, the Logs tab displays different event types for the last hour. For vSphere objects, the logs are filtered to show the event types for the specific object you select. For more information on the different filtering and querying capabilities, see the vRealize Log Insight documentation.

Where You Find the Logs Tab

In the menu, select Environment and then from the left pane select an inventory object. Click the Logs tab. To view the Logs tab, you have to configure vRealize Operations Manager in vRealize Log Insight. For more information, see Configuring vRealize Log Insight with vRealize Operations Manager.

After integrating vRealize Operations Manager with vRealize Log Insight, refresh the browser to see the Logs tab.