The metrics in the Log Insight Generated group provide information that you can use to observe or troubleshoot vRealize Operations Manager for failures and to monitor performance.

When vRealize Operations Manager is integrated with Log Insight and metric calculation is enabled, Log Insight calculates the number of logs corresponding to different queries and sends them as metrics to vRealize Operations Manager. These metrics are calculated for vCenter objects, host objects, and virtual machine objects. The metrics can be mapped to a vRealize Operations Manager object based on the Log Insight field vmw_vrops_id, which is constructed based on hostname or source fields.

Table 1. Log Insight Generated Metrics
Metric Name Description
Log Insight Generated|Error Count The number of error logs for the selected object.

Key: log_insight_generated|error_count

Log Insight Generated|Total Log Count The total number of logs for the selected object.

Key: log_insight_generated|total_log_count

Log Insight Generated|Warning Count The number of warning logs for the selected object.

Key: log_insight_generated|warning_count