An unsynchronized agent is an agent that is not synchronized with the vRealize Operations Manager server in terms of its plug-ins. The agent might be missing plug-ins that are registered on the server, include plug-ins that are not registered on the server, or include plug-ins that have a different version to that registered on the server.

Each agent must be synchronized with the vRealize Operations Manager server. During the time that an agent is not synchronized with the server, it appears in the Unsynchronized Agents list. The list is located in the vRealize Operations Manager user interface on the Groups tab in the Environment view.

The first time an agent is started, a status message is sent to the server. The server compares the status sent by the agent with that on the server. The server sends commands to the agent to synchronize, download or delete plug-ins, as required by the differences that it detects.

When a plug-in is deployed, disabled, or enabled as part of a management pack solution update, the vRealize Operations Manager server detects that change and sends a new command to the agents so that synchronization occurs.

Commonly, multiple agents are affected at the same time when a plug-in is deployed, disabled or enabled. All agents have an equal need to be updated so, to avoid overloading the server and creating performance issues that might occur if many agents were all synchronized at the same time, synchronization is performed in batches and is staggered in one-minute periods. You will notice that the list of unsynchronized agents decrements over time.