Metrics are collected for the VeloCloud Clickhouse.

Table 1. Clickhouse Metrics
Component Metrics
Background Background | Pool Task
Buffer Buffers | Allocation (Bytes)
Buffers | Compressed Read Buffer (Bytes)
Buffers | Compressed Read Buffer Blocks
Buffers | IO Allocation (Bytes)
Buffers | Storage Buffer (Bytes)
Buffers | Storage Buffer Rows
Events Events | Context Lock
Events | Disk Write Elapsed (μs)
Events | File Open
Events | Function Execute
Events | Hard Page Faults
Events | Lock Readers Wait (μs)
Events | OS IO wait (ms)
Events | OS Write (Bytes)
Events | Query
Events | Readers Wait (ms)
Events | Real Time
Events | Soft Page Faults (μs)
Events | System Time (μs)
Events | User Time (μs)
Global Thread Global | Global Thread
Global | Global Thread Active
Local Thread Local | Local Thread
Local | Local Thread Active
Replicas Replicas | Max Absolute Delay
Replicas | Max Insert In Queue
Replicas | Max Merge In Queue
Replicas | Max Queue Size
Replicas | Max Relative Delay
Replicas | Total Insert In Queue
Replicas | Total Merge Queues
Replicas | Total Queue Size
Summary Summary | Background Pool Task
Summary | Dict Cache Requests
Summary | File Open Writes
Summary | Merge
Summary | Number of Databases
Summary | Number of Distributed Send
Summary | Number of Tables
Summary | Read
Summary | Replicated Checks
Summary | Storage Buffer Rows
Summary | Uncompressed Cache Cells
Summary | Uptime
Summary | Write
Summary | Zookeeper Session
Summary | Zookeeper Watch
Write Buffer Write Buffer | File Descriptor Write
Replicated Replicated Fetch
Memory Memory Tracking
Query Query Thread