The small deployment profile is intended for systems that manage up to 20,000 resources.

Virtual Appliance Name

The small deployment profile contains a single large analytics node, analytics-1.ra.local.

Deployment Profile Support

The small deployment profile supports the following configuration.

  • 20,000 resources
  • 2,500 End Point Operations Management agents
  • Data retention for six months
  • Additional Time Series Retention for 36 months

Additional DNS Entries

You can add additional DNS entries for your organization's future requirements. If you do not expect your planned deployment to exceed a single node, you can configure End Point Operations Management agents against the analytics nodes.

epops.ra.local -> analytics-1.ra.local


The certificate must be signed by a Certificate Authority. The Subject Alternative Name contains the following information.

  • DNS Name = epops.refarch.local
  • DNS Name = analytics-1.ra.local

This is an example of a small deployment profile.

Table 1. Adapter Properties
Collector Group Collector Adaptor Resources
DEFAULT analytics-1 A 2,000
DEFAULT analytics-1 B 4,000
DEFAULT analytics-1 C 2,000
DEFAULT analytics-1 D 3,000

vRealize Operations Manager Small Deployment Profile Architecture