As you monitor the SDDC, review and follow these best practices.

  • Understand the level of monitoring and the metrics required

    There are three levels of monitoring: business, application, and infrastructure. It must be clear what tools monitors what data types. For example, syslog needs a log analysis tool like vRealize Log Insight and network flow needs its own tool such as vRealize Network Insight.

  • Plan for each role independently

    Understand who must see what data and how they see it to make vRealize Operations more effective.

  • Plan separate dashboards for each role

    Dashboards cannot be generic and consumed across roles as each role looks at data from a different viewpoint.

  • Think big but start small

    Begin with a small piece and expand from there. For example, start with vSphere and be on top of it since everything else sits on top of it. Then expand deeper into infrastructure and further into applications. Take small steps towards getting significant.

  • Define the needs

    Be clear on what you are looking for and defining it. If you cannot define it, you cannot expect any tool to define it for you.