Follow these best practices for deploying vRealize Operations.

  • Deploy vRealize Operations to a supported infrastructure

    Ensure that you are deploying vRealize Operations to a supported infrastructure as earlier versions may no longer be supported. Refer to the VMware Product Interoperability Matrices for platforms supported with vRealize Operations

  • Do not modify or install third party applications on the appliance

    When using the virtual appliance, installation or modifications of third-party applications is unsupported and may cause problems to vRealize Operations.

  • Deploy the VA with FQDN

    Register a fully qualified domain name for the vRealize Operations node. Simply using a hostname may not properly resolve and there may be communication problems with the node.

  • Use Thick Provisioning Eager Zeroed

    When deploying nodes, set the disk provisioning to “Thick Provision Eager Zeroed” for most optimum performance.

  • Leverage Remote Collectors

    Use remote collectors where possible to navigate firewalls, reduce the bandwidth across data centers, connect to remote data sources, or reduce the load on the vRealize Operations analytics cluster.