You can use a browser or an HTTP client program to send requests and receive responses.

REST Client Programs

Any client application that can send HTTPS requests is an appropriate tool for developing REST applications with the vRealize Operations Manager API. REST client plug-ins are available for most browsers and many IDEs. The following open-source programs are commonly used:

  • cURL.
  • Postman application.

In addition, VMware provides language-specific client bindings for the vRealize Operations Manager API. See About the Schema Reference.

About the Schema Reference

The vRealize Operations Manager REST API documentation includes reference material for all elements, types, queries, and operations in the vRealize Operations Manager API. It also includes the schema definition files.

Swagger based API documentation is available with the product, with the capability of making REST API calls right from the landing page.

To access the API documentation, use the URL of your vRealize Operations Manager instance. For example, if the URL of your instance is, the API reference is available from:

Language-specific client bindings are available from:

About the vRealize Operations Manager API Examples

All examples include HTTP requests and responses. These examples show the workflow and content associated with operations such as creating and querying for information about objects in your monitored environment.

Example request bodies are in JSON. Request headers required by the vRealize Operations Manager API are included in example requests that are not fragments of a larger example.

Most example responses show only those elements and attributes that are relevant to the operation being discussed. Ellipses (...) indicate omitted content within response bodies.