You can connect widgets and views so that the information they show depends on each other.

Where You Create Widget and View Interactions

To create interactions for widgets or views in a dashboard, in the menu, click Dashboards. From the left pane, click the Dashboards drop-down menu and then click Create Dashboard to add a dashboard. From the toolbar, click Show Interactions.

To edit your dashboard, in the menu, click Dashboards. Click Actions > Edit Dashboard to edit the selected dashboard.

How to Create and Remove Widget Interactions

The list of available interactions depends on the widgets or views in the dashboard. Widgets and views can provide, receive, and can both provide and receive interactions at the same time.

To create interactions, click Show Interactions. Click a provider plug and drag to the receiver. You can also apply interactions from receiver to provider plugs. For more information about how interactions work, see Widget Interactions.

To remove interactions, click on the interaction line and select Remove Interaction. You can also click the provider plug and select Remove Interaction > <widget name>.