Virtual server fort HTTPS redirect

You can configure the virtual server for HTTPS redirect.


  1. Log in to the vSphere Web Client.
  2. Click Networking & Security and then click NSX Edges.
  3. Double-click an NSX Edge.
  4. Click Manage and then click the Load Balancer tab.
  5. In the left navigation panel, click Virtual Servers.
  6. Click the Add (image027 ) icon.
  7. Select Enable Virtual Server.
  8. Select an Application Profile from the drop-down list that you have created. For example: vrops_redirect
  9. Enter a Name for the virtual server.
  10. (Optional) Enter a Description.
  11. Enter IP Address for the VIP.
  12. From the drop-down list for Protocol, select HTTP.
  13. Enter the Port value as 80.
  14. From the drop-down list for Default Pool, select None. For NSX-V versions 6.2.7 and 6.3.0, create an empty pool and assign it as the default pool.
  15. For Connection Limit and Connection Rate Limit, leave the default as 0.