Loadbalancers distribute connections among servers in high availability (HA) deployments.

Following are the advantages of using a load balancer in front of the vRealize Operations Manager cluster:

  • Utilizing a load balancer ensures that the deployed cluster is properly balanced for performance of UI traffic.

  • Allows all nodes in the cluster to equally participate in the handling of UI sessions and traffic.

  • Provides high availability if any admin or data node fails, by directing UI traffic only to serving nodes in the cluster.

  • Provides simpler access for the users. Instead of accessing each node individually the user only needs one URL to access the entire cluster and not be concerned with which node is available.

  • Provides load balancing, high availability and ease of configuration for the End Point Operations (EPOps) agents.

The system administrator backs up the loadbalancers on a regular basis at the same time as other components.

Follow your site policy for backing up loadbalancers, keeping in mind the preservation of network topology and vRealize Operations Manager backup planning.