There are no specific requirements for selecting a load balancer platform for vRealize Operations Manager. Majority of Load Balancers available today support complex web servers and SSL.

Load balancer can be used in front of a vRealize Operations Manager cluster if certain parameters and configuration variables are followed. HAProxy was chosen for this example due to its ease of deployment, open source availability, stability, capability handling SSL sessions, and performance. Following are some of the parameters that should be considered for configuring other brands of load balancers:

  • You must use TCP Mode. HTTP mode is not supported.

  • It is not recommended to use round-robin balancing mode

  • Cookie persistence does not work

  • SSL pass-through is used, SSL termination is not supported

  • IP Hash type balancing is recommended to ensure that the same client IP address always reaches the same node, if the node is available

  • Health checks should be performed with public API provided by vRealize Operations Manager.