The NSX-V virtual networking solution includes the capability of deploying an Edge gateway as a load balancer.

Currently, the NSX-V load balancer has basic load balancing functionality and it should not be considered a full-fledged load balancer with advanced configuration like F5 LTM.


Use NSX-V version 6.1.3 and higher for all deployments as many issues with the load balancers have been resolved in this release.


The following are the prerequisites for a functional NSX-V load balancer in front of a vRealize Operations Manager cluster:

  • This document assumes that NSX-V deployment is already deployed in the environment and is fully functional.

  • The NSX-V deployment is of version 6.1.3 or higher.

  • NSX-V Edge is deployed and has access to the network on which vRealize Operations Manager cluster is deployed.

  • Edge can be enabled for high availability, however it is not a requirement

  • Currently, there are 2 types of modes the load balancer can be used: Accelerated and Non-Accelerated. Difference between Acceleration enabled/disabled is the LB will passthrough TCP connection (enabled) or terminate the TCP connection (disabled), and then send once the TCP connection is done, it will do open a TCP connection to the pool member.