Citrix NetScaler configuration guide

Before starting with this configuration make sure that the Netscaler device is deployed in the environment and has access to the vRealize Operations components.

  • You can use either virtual or physical Netscaler in single or clustered configuration.

  • Enable the Load Balancer (LB) and SSL modules. You can do so from the NetScaler > System > Settings > Configure Basic Features page.

  • In case you experience SSL timeout issues with the virtual edition of NetScaler please update the appliance to version 11.0 65.35 or disable TLS 1.1/1.2 as per article

    This is a known NetScaler bug – reference ID: 600155.

  • You can use either multi-arm or one-arm configuration. Our tests were done in multi-arm configuration.

  • VPX versions of Netscaler doesn’t support certificates larger than 2048bits on the back-end servers.

    If you are planning to use VPX you will need to change the vRealize Operations certificate.

    Configure a certificate for use with vRealize Operations Manager

    FAQ: Key Sizes/Certificates Supported by NetScaler