Outbound plug-in settings determine how the supported external notification systems connect to their target systems. You configure one or more instances of one or more plug-in types so that you can send data about generated notifications outside of vRealize Operations .

How Outbound Plug-Ins Work

You configure each plug-in with the required information, including destination locations, hosts, ports, user names, passwords, instance name, or other information that is required to send notifications to those target systems. The target systems can include email recipients, log files, or other management products.

Some plug-ins are included with vRealize Operations , and others might be added when you add a management pack as a solution.

Where You Configure Outbound Settings

To add or edit an outbound plug-in, from the left menu, click Configure > Alerts, and then in the right pane, click Outbound Settings. Click Add to add a plug-in instance or select a plug-in, click the vertical ellipsis and select Edit to edit the existing plug-in.

Outbound Plug-In Configuration Options

The configuration options vary depending on which plug-in you select from the Plug-In Type drop-down menu.

To add outbound notification plug-in, see Add Outbound Notification Plug-Ins in vRealize Operations.