The vSAN OSA (Original Storage Architecture) Capacity dashboard provides an overview of the capacity available across all the vSAN clusters. The dashboard displays the time remaining before capacity is projected to run out, the amount of capacity remaining, the number of vSAN clusters that might fit in the remaining capacity, and reclaimable resources that can increase the available capacity.

How to Use the Dashboard

  • Overall Analysis

    The All Clusters by Capacity Remaining and All Clusters by Time Remaining bar charts focuses on the number of vSAN disk against the used disk capacity percentage across vSAN clusters.

  • Cluster Analysis

    Select a vSAN OSA cluster from the vSAN Clusters table. The detailed capacity is automatically displayed.

    The Utilization widget displays the utilization for all three elements, as you need to consider all three. Network is not shown as typically it is not a problem.

    Like a physical array, there can be hot spots and imbalance. The Is Disk Group Space Utilization Balanced heat map displays individual disk groups.

    Reclaimable storage is a key component of proactive capacity management. You can view details for both VMs and non-VMs.

  • Disk Group Analysis

    If there is imbalance, you can analyze each disk group. The Disk Groups Selected in Selected vSAN Cluster displays all the disk groups in the cluster. Their usage may not be similar, but should not deviate drastically. To view the disk group usage trend, click on a disk group.

  • VM Analysis

    You can analyze individual VMs in the selected cluster from the VMs in the selected vSAN Cluster table and check their usage and snapshot. To view the trend in Usage, click on a VM. In addition, the relevant configurations of the VM is displayed.