To configure how vRealize Operations evaluates the accounting alert definition in your environment, you configure a policy that determines behavior so that you can apply the policy to an object group. The policy limits the application of the alert definition to only the members of the selected object group.

When an alert definition is created, it is added to the default policy and activated, ensuring that any alert definitions that you create are active in your environment. This alert definition is intended to meet the needs of the accounting department, so you deactivate it in the default policy and create a new policy to govern how the alert definition is evaluated in your environment, including which accounting virtual machines and related hosts to monitor.



  1. From the left menu, click Configure > Policies.
  2. Click the Policy Library tab and then, click Add .
  3. Type a name similar to Accounting Objects Alerts Policy and provide a useful description similar to the following example.
    This policy is configured to generate alerts when 
    Accounting VMs and Hosts group objects are above trended
     CPU or memory usage.
  4. Select Default Policy from the Start with drop-down menu.
  5. On the left, click Customize Alert / Symptom Definitions and deactivate all the alert definitions except the new Acct VM CPU early warning alert.
    1. In the Alert Definitions area, click Actions and select Select All.
      The alerts on the current page are selected.
    2. Click Actions and select Deactivate.
      The alerts indicate Deactivated in the State column.
    3. Repeat the process on each page of the alerts list.
    4. Select Acct VM CPU early warning in the list, click Actions and select Activate.
      The Acct VM CPU early warning alert is now activated.
  6. On the left, click Apply Policy to Groups and select Accounting VMs and Hosts.
  7. Click Save.


You created a policy where the accounting alert definition exists in a custom policy that is applied only to the virtual machines and hosts for the accounting department.

What to do next

Create an email notification so that you learn about alerts even you when you are not actively monitoring vRealize Operations . See Configure Notifications for the Department Alert.