The vRealize Operations Cloud Universal Billing dashboard provides the object billing details based on CPU usage.

How to Use the Dashboard

  • CPUs and Billable Objects widgets provides the total count of CPUs and Billable Objects. You have to update these widgets based upon your subscription limits.
  • CPUs Across Object Types widget provides distribution of CPUs across different object types.
  • Billable Object Types List widget provides a list of all the object types which are actively managed by vRealize Operations and consume license unit(s).
  • CPUs Consumption Across Object Types displays a heatmap and maps the magnitude of CPUs consumption for different object types with heatmap colors. The widget also interacts with CPUs Consumption Over Time and displays how CPUs count has been changing for a given object type over a period of time.

How to Edit CPUs and Billable Objects Widget To Set Correct Color Codes

  1. Click the Edit icon at the top right corner of the widget.
  2. Go to Output Data section.
  3. Double click the row which has column heading Yellow, Orange, or Red.
  4. Set the Color Method to custom.
  5. Enter appropriate values as per your subscription limits.